Thursday January 18th, 2018 / ING Auditorium, Brussels

10 years after…
Back to the top of the cycle?

After ten years of global recovery and economic growth, 2018 opens up new potential for the European real estate market. The Investors Forum 2018 will provide a glimpse into the economic conditions that are shaping real estate, explore the challenges the industry is facing, and invite leading experts to share their views on the trends and factors influencing the attractiveness of European cities for investors. Join us in Brussels to discover the latest outlooks for 2018 and gain exclusive insights for the upcoming year.

Ten years after… back to the top of the cycle?

Economic growth is increasing in Europe, especially in the Eurozone. Globally, the United States was the first country to experience significant recovery, followed by Asia and especially China, which is doing much better than anticipated six months ago.

Traditionally, the Investors Forum goes hand-in-hand with the official launch of the new year. This time, it will also go hand-in-hand with an optimistic message: the global economy is on the path to recovery.

While the economic indicators of the Eurozone are promising, our countries are facing a triple challenge:

  • After an economic upturn in 2017, 2018 raises the question of maintaining this momentum: what is a realistic rate of growth for the coming years?
  • How will steadily increasing interest rates impact the European market?
  • And our biggest challenge: How will we manage huge public debts?

The real estate industry has to work in this context, but it is also facing its own challenges:

  • the need for agility in the corporate world and new ways of working,
  • environmental issues, especially in terms of mobility,
  • changing demographics,
  • and the volatility of capital markets.

“Ten years after” is not only the name of a British pop group; it is also an expression of relief. The global economy seems to have successfully weathered the worst economic crisis in 80 years, with unparalleled economic, financial, and social impacts on a global level. The Investors Forum will bring together top experts to examine the prospects that the current climate offers.

In just half a day, you will discover the latest outlooks for 2018, attend panel discussions about them and go home with exclusive information for the upcoming year.


Learn from qualified speakers during presentations panels, & Q&A


Meet, lead and deal with key people at the center of the real estate capital markets.


Make time to connect during the walking lunch, coffee break and closing cocktail.

Make time to connect during the walking lunch, coffee break and closing cocktail.
The Investors Forum 2018 will be organized by Urban Land Institute (ULI Belgium) in collaboration with JLL and Trends Tendances as Media Partner. This seminar is a well established event with participants from Belgium and abroad. Have a look at the list of Past speakers.