16 January 2020

Chancellery Auditorium, BNP Paribas Fortis
Rue de la Chancellerie 1 Kanselarijstraat – Brussels
Doors open at 12.00

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Fit for the future
Is the real estate industry ready
for the “new normal”?

Investment markets reached new highs in 2019. Market players have taken advantage of this period, but are we fit for the future and is the real estate industry ready for the “new normal”?

The Investors Forum will examine some of the new market dynamics and submit them to specialists in the sector. In just half a day, you will discover the latest trends and will be recharged for the upcoming year.

• World growth is slowing.  Many economic actors expect a worsening of the global business environment.

• The successive waves of global geo-political and economic tension, such as the American vs China trade war and Brexit create uncertainty among investors worldwide.

• On the foreign exchange markets, the dollar has appreciated 6% versus the Euro since the beginning of 2019 , why and what are the implications ?

The rising US Dollar has resulted in a reversal of the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy (i.e. increasing interest rates since 2015). This has been followed by the European Central Bank (ECB) since the summer of 2019. Unlike previous cycles inflation has not taken off despite the relentless economic stimulus. We could therefore conclude that the “Grace period” will be extended again for years to come, is this in fact the new normal?

Global real estate markets will reach new highs in 2019. All conventional indicators continue to evolve positively: investment volumes rise, rental levels also. Global demand for offices, logistics space and alternative asset classes continues to grow. This is leading to ever increasing capital values in these asset classes. 

Retail real estate is an exception and seems to be held back by two fundamental drivers: 

• A consumption downturn due to record high household savings, and 

• The relentless e-commerce trend. 

How will this play out, and could the changing dynamics of the retail sector spill over to other asset classes? We do know that this “Grace Period” has already created new market dynamics, and much new wealth, but there are also questions to be asked:

• Many market actors have benefited from diversification opportunities and a financial surplus over the past years, but has this created a buffer to mitigate risk when the market circumstances turn, or a new bubble?

• Has the real estate world used this benign environment to adapt to the other important trends and challenges such as Digital transformation, recruitment of New Talent, attracting and creating the right skills for the future and perhaps the biggest challenge of all managing it’s Ecological footprint.

These are the fundamental questions of the 2020 edition of Investors Forum.

Are we ready to respond to the challenges, and are we fit and agile enough to survive the future Real Estate market?

In short “Are we fit for the future and is the real estate industry ready for the “new normal” ?”

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