16 January 2020

Chancellery Auditorium, BNP Paribas Fortis
Rue de la Chancellerie 1 Kanselarijstraat – Brussels
12.00 - 18.00

Fit for the future
Is the real estate industry ready for tomorrow?

The Real Estate Market acknowledges a “Grace period” that started around 2012, without being really aware of what was happening… It is only since a few months that this exceptional situation is eye catching. Why?


·       Because everywhere else the economics actors notice a worsening of the Business environment. The world growth is slowing down.

·       The successive rebounds of the American vs China trade war bring uncertainty on the trading world, same uncertainty about the Brexit.

·       On the foreign exchange market, the Dollar won 6% growth against the Euro since the beginning of the year, a situation that attracts investments to the United States at the expense of the emerging countries.

·      Additional interest rates decrease in the United States and European Union is another discouraging sign (while the federal Reserve had proceeded to several increases since 2015).

·       Several short-term interest rates decrease will extend this “Grace period” because it influences the long-term rates.

The real Estate Market will reach new high in 2019. In one hand, all indicators are increasing: investments, rent, demand while the quality product offered is declining and the prices are soaring. Only the retail sector is at risk, two reasons behind: a consumption downturn due to a record high household savings and the relentless e-commerce trend. The High streets segment (retail) knows a vacancy rate increase of first quality location and a dropping in their rents due to lease renegotiation. In Shopping Malls, turnovers are still declining except in “Retail Parks”

This “Grace Period” created new market dynamics:

·       Market players benefited financial surplus during several years that increase their cash reserves which will edge their position when the market circumstance will turn down again.

·       During this “Grace period”, the market players succeeded to progress in many other fields such as: New Talents recruitments, Skills reinforcement, Professionalism level, Ecological footprint…

These factors will allow us to find the answers at the fundamental questions of this Investors Forum 2020:

“Are you fit for the future?” and “is Real Estate Industry ready for tomorrow?”

Among uncertainties that weight on the real estate market, there is one that concerns particularly Europe, Benelux, Belgium and the Brussels market in particular: the “Japanization” risk.

To fight back, fit and agile are the key words, especially on the Real Estate market.

In short “Are we fit for the future, is the real estate industry ready for tomorrow?”


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