Top 50 of the largest property investors active in the Eurozone

2020 was an outstanding vintage for property investment in Belgium & Luxembourg. A diversified range of investors from Europe but also Asia and the US marked an unusual year.

This is a good opportunity to find out more details about the major investors, particularly answers to the following questions:

  • Who are the largest real estate investors in Europe?
  • Where do they come from?
  • How large are their estimated holdings?
  • Which ones are active in Belgium and Luxembourg?

JLL presents a ranking of the 50 largest property investors active in the Eurozone. This ranking is provided in partnership with Real Capital Analytics (RCA), and is based on the real estate transactions (purchases and disposals) performed in the Eurozone over the 2001 – 2019 period. It may also include holdings held prior to 2001.

Sources are from investors, brokers, and other sources that JLL believes to be reliable, as well as internal research. Estimated holdings by investors exclude confidential transactions.

Most of the top 50 players have a recurring activity in both Belgium and Luxembourg. JLL prepared a more detailed analysis of these investors with their respective area of focus, investment style, share of portfolios, and recent transactions (shown in blue in the ranking hereunder).

The full study is available upon request (moc.l1634699733lj.ue1634699733@tsle1634699733reV.l1634699733uaP-e1634699733rreiP1634699733)

“The fact that 33 out of the top 50 European investors are currently active and invested in Belgium and/or Luxemburg proves once more the very international character of our real estate market."
Adrian Glatt*
Head of JLL Capital Markets Belux
(* Saga bvba)